It's all about our Partner restaurants
offering their best service to their customers.

We have developed the ideal environment for restaurants and their customers to interact together online collectively and unconditionally.

This revolutionary model enables our Partner restaurants to engage with their customers in multiple ways with their own branded online tools we provide to them.

Eats is the website that hosts restaurants with their own branded online ordering systems with their menus, offers, discounts, and value meals, all of which are accessible to every customer.

Customers can place orders directly to the restaurant’s own online ordering system for pickup, delivery, or even make a table reservation in real-time without any intermediaries.

We offer more...

We provide our Partner restaurants with a comprehensive suite of online tools and materials to connect with their customers in countless ways.

We install an online ordering & table booking system directly into the restaurant's FACEBOOK PAGE and the restaurant WEBSITE.

Our Partner restaurants are now able to engage with their customers online by giving their customers easy and direct access to the restaurant menu, offers, and discounts on their Facebook page and restaurant website..

We even go one step further...

You don't have a restaurant website and you want to have one?

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

You can have your own BRANDED Google-approved restaurant WEBSITE that converts website visitors into ORDERS like Grease Lighting on any device, smartphones,desktops and tables.

And, if you want to go the extra mile...

You are in the right place.

You can have an extensive suite of powerful promotions where you can set up almost any promo logic you can think of with clear and specific objectives for any promo deal.

You can also build your own BRANDED MOBILE APP to those customers of yours who are looking for a native installation on their smartphones or tablets.

It will never be the same for our
Partner restaurants

We offer cutting-edge technology and techniques to our Partner restaurants because we want them to get more out of their business.

Our main goal is to provide our Partner restaurants with the means to increase revenue, establish a growing base of loyal customers, and create a pleasant ordering experience for their customers. Our solutions are customized to meet the specific demands of each Partner restaurant.

Customers Love it !!!

Customers interact with Partner restaurants in multiple ways in real-time. Whether customers place an order for pick-up, delivery, or even for table reservations, our app will engage the customers, no matter where they are connected, and make them feel more connected with their favorite restaurant.
Customers have immediate access to any information, including discounts, offers, promotions, or any other valuable information the partner restaurant wants to share with their customers.

We are proud of what we have developed because we believe this is what our Partner restaurants want for their customers "TODAY".

It's new, fresh, and people love it.

Thanks to our Partner Company Apps Echo for providing the technology and the know-how for making this happen.

We promise that we'll continue to innovate so that our service remains the most convenient, relevant, and reliable for our Partner restaurants and their customers.