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"Eats" will boost your online Ordering system and get more orders

"Eats" will feature your menu so that more customers can discover your restaurant and place an order.

"Eats" will increase your restaurant's brand presence and recognition, expand your customer base, increase your margins, and bring in more overall profit for your business.

Turn your Facebook “likes” into Orders

Make your Website an order-taking machine

We provide you with the ordering button that opens up your online menu ready to receive orders from your customers on any device, desktop, or mobile.

Customers will be able to make orders from the restaurant's website directly on your restaurant menu.

What we offer

All set to be installed on any device, desktop or mobile. Customers will be able
to make orders directly from your restaurant menu.

Order taking app

Receive orders from your website or Facebook page directly on your smartphone or tablet. It works on both Android and iOS.

Real-time ordering

When a new order is placed, you get instant notification. We keep your customer engaged while you review the order. The order confirmation is then displayed in real time.

Free website ordering widget

The widget adds a button “See Menu & Order” on your website so your customers can see your menu and order online.

Unlimited locations

Add multiple restaurant locations each with its own online menu or with a master menu for all locations.

Order for later

Allow your customers to order now and schedule the pickup or delivery for a later time. This way you also know the volume of orders you need to prepare.

Online promotions

Build-in promotion engine available for your customers to earn discounts or special offers while placing an order

Detailed reports

Measure your Restaurant growth and take important business decisions.

Free Facebook ordering app

This app adds a button “See Menu & Order” on your restaurant’s Facebook page. Your followers can order online without leaving Facebook.

Tabe reservations

Table reservations widget with order inadvance feature

Increase Sales

Your customers will have immediate access to any information, including special discounts, promotions, tips or any other valuable information your business wants to share with them.

Build Your Brand Name

Your company will be able to manage expectations and make informed decisions about your Brand as you build trust and relationships with your customers.

Speed Up Communication

Your customers will interact with the business in multiple ways in real-time. Our app will engage your customers and make them feel more connected with your business.

Build Customer Loyalty

Our app will enable your business to start making a true and sincere connection with your customers and make them loyal lovers of your business.

This is why restaurant owners are using
our sytem


Commission free

No errors

Always up-to-date

Unlimited orders

Real time confirmation

What our customers
are saying

Petros Hadjioannou

Piatsa Gourounaki

“We’ve really found a great way to offer our customers the service they deserve. Our Online Ordering System is an added value to our service and a perfect way to ensure that our restaurant menu is accessible in a most convenient way, ready to accept orders from our customers at all times. We highly recommend Apps Echo to any business looking to build a custom online ordering system. Thank you for this excellent Job!!!”

Alexandros Karayiannis

Food Park City

“We are thrilled with the look and mostly with the functionality of our Online Ordering System. Your team managed to harmonize our menu’s offerings with the app’s functionality in a superb manner. The ordering is clear and simple for both the customer and our staff. We will definitely recommend your service to other professionals. Thank you again for your ongoing support.”

Kyriakos Kyriakou

Kona Kai

“Apps Echo has demonstrated real-time ownership and commitment to deliver according to our needs. They took care of the finest little details and delivered high-quality, customer oriented Online Ordering System for our business. Our app is now a great tool for our business to communicate our offers, discounts and sales promotions to our customers. Thank you for this amazing job!!!”

Yiannos Ioannides

7 Stars Pizza

“This Online ordering system has truly exceeded all expectations. Online sales are increasing while orders via phone are decreasing. Apps Echo Online Ordering System gives the customers the convenience to order with ease and trouble-free. Our customers love it !! Excellent implementation and support by Apps Echo support team. Great job guys!!!”

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Unlimited Orders... You Pay No Commission