Frequently Asked Questions

About Eats

We have reshaped the traditional way of online food ordering process to serve our restaurant partners and their customers with convenience, control, and accuracy. Eats is an Online Food Ordering eco-system that offers the opportunity to partner restaurants receive orders from their customers through their own in-house customized online food ordering system. Equally important, restaurants can also receive orders from their websites, Facebook Page, and any other way they choose from in the online world. More Control, more Accuracy and more Convenience.

All types of licensed restaurants are eligible to participate in the Eats ecosystem either as "Partner" restaurants or as "Listed" restaurants.
Partner restaurants:
The restaurants that offer the ability to their customers to place orders or make a table reservation online through their own in-house customized online ordering system.
Listed restaurants:
The restaurants that customers can only see general information about the restaurants, for example, address, type of food, phone number, etc.

Coronovirus COVID-19

We provide all our partner restaurants with the necessary tools to offer the safest service possible to their customers. For example, we have incorporated contact-free delivery options in our online ordering process to secure safety standards.

Contact-free Delivery is the way to get food delivered to the customer that limits unnecessary contact between customers and couriers. As part of this commitment, we have developed a series of options available to the customer to choose from to secure higher hygiene standards with minimum physical exposure.

Customers can choose Contact-free delivery under “Fulfilment option” instructions at the checkout. The restaurant order taker will be able to see which option was selected by the customer and inform the rider to deliver the order according to the customer’s instructions. Instructions such as “ place the order outside the customer’s door and ring the doorbell or receive a call when the rider arrives” are a few of the contact-free delivery options.

Placing an Order

Step 1: Choose a restaurant
Begin by entering your postal code on the homepage and press, Find. Eats will display the restaurants that are nearby to your area. For more information about opening hours, delivery areas, online payments, etc. are easily accessible in the restaurant’s menu, the information section.
Step 2: Place an order
Once you’ve selected the restaurant of your choice, browse the restaurant’s menu, select your favoured meal items, and press the checkout button.
Step 3: Checkout
At the checkout section, you will enter your contact information, your preferred ordering method (pick up or delivery), time of completion, and the preferred payment method. Once the order is placed is immediately sent to the restaurant. The restaurant sends back to the customer a confirmation of acceptance message in real-time and informs the customer of the time of completion.

After submitting your order, the restaurant will send you a confirmation message on the ordering app for accepting the order with the time of completion. Also, the restaurant will send you an email with all the relevant information related to your order.

Occasionally a restaurant may not be able to accept your order. If this happens, the restaurant will send you a message with further instructions.

Restaurants do their best to deliver your food within the estimated delivery time. Unfortunately, external factors may sometimes cause delays. If this happens you can contact the restaurant directly for more information.

Yes! If the restaurant wishes to accept orders in advance, then you can schedule orders in advance and choose the delivery method (Pickup or Delivery).